Roche to introduce Navify Sample Tracking for patient test samples at WorldLab-EuroMedLab

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Roche announced Monday that it is introducing Navify Sample Tracking, a cloud-based digital solution that allows labs to track patient test samples, at the WorldLab-EuroMedLab meeting from May 21 to May 25 in Rome.

Navify Sample Tracking is part of the Navify digital suite, a portfolio of more than 30 integrated digital solutions.

Roche said that Navify Sample Tracking allows labs to connect to Navify applications that monitor quality and detect errors in patient samples before they reach the lab’s premises. Most patient test sample errors occur during the pre-pre-analytical (PPA) phase of collection, transport, and reception, the firm explained, which is typically outside of the laboratory's control. These errors increase costs, decrease productivity and efficiency, and delay treatment for patients.

Navify Sample Tracking directly connects the laboratory’s information system (LIS) with PPA vendors, including BinaryTech, Deigma, Etheclo, Inpeco, Smart4Diagnostics, Tracie Healthcare Solutions, and robominds, as well as the middleware Cobas Infinity Lab.

Navify Sample Tracking is currently available in EU markets. Roche plans to make it available globally next year.

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