Gradalis touts ovarian cancer biomarker research

2019 07 02 18 48 5632 Ovarian Cancer2 400

Gradalis is highlighting research published August 29 in Nature Communications that describes a survival-predicting biomarker in patients with ovarian cancer treated with its immunotherapy drug Vigil.

The study includes results from a phase IIB trial of Vigil in patients with newly diagnosed ovarian cancer, and shows that pretreatment levels of a gene called ENTPD1 may help predict overall and recurrence-free ovarian cancer survival after treatment with Vigil. The ENTPD1 gene "is a protein coding gene that functions as a limiting step in the adenosine metabolic pathway found in immunosuppressive tumor microenvironments," Gradalis said, and "high ENTPD1 expression predicts response to Vigil versus placebo regardless of homologous recombination status."

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