BC Cancer study to use Personalis liquid biopsy test

2020 01 08 00 29 4037 Colon Cancer 400

A liquid biopsy-based research-use-only (RUO) assay developed by Personalis will be deployed in a colorectal and pancreatic cancer study collaboration with BC Cancer.

Personalis said its Next Personal assay has demonstrated high sensitivity for detecting circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) from a patient's blood sample.

In the study, the assay will be deployed to determine the best time to draw blood for ctDNA sampling for molecular residual disease (MRD) detection. Researchers also hope to show that ctDNA is useful in identifying cancer progression earlier than current standard-of-care tests and use the data to do an economic analysis to assess cost-effectiveness for healthcare systems.

Approximately 220 patients from across British Columbia will be recruited for the study.

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