Biocare Medical acquires Empire Genomics to expand molecular biomarker portfolio

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Biocare Medical, a manufacturer of immunohistochemistry and fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) reagents and instrumentation, announced on Tuesday that it has acquired Empire Genomics, expanding Biocare Medical’s molecular biomarker portfolio substantially.

Empire Genomics is a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of molecular biomarkers used in cancer diagnostics and research. Empire Genomics’ portfolio includes a comprehensive array of FISH and chromogenic in situ hybridization (CISH) probes designed for specific diseases, genes, and regions across both human and mouse genomes.  

“The breadth of the Empire Genomics portfolio is well-suited for automation on Biocare Medical's Oncore Pro and Oncore Pro X platforms to produce high-quality, reproducible FISH and CISH results,” Jason Ramos, vice president of research and development at Biocare Medical, said in a statement. “Combining Empire Genomics’ rapid turnaround time for new biomarker development with Oncore Pro's accelerated hybridization opens myriad opportunities for cancer research applications.”

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