Intus Bio buys Pattern Genomics to enhance microbiome analysis capabilities

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Intus Biosciences has bought Pattern Genomics with the aim of integrating the firm's genomic analysis software tools into its microbiome research and testing platform.

Founded in 2011, Pattern Genomics has developed bioinformatics tools designed to find patterns and key biomarkers in large sets of genomic data. The company’s Daydreamer software analyzes hundreds of genomes simultaneously to identify differences between genomic subtypes. By revealing the differences, the software can facilitate the in silico design of molecular diagnostics capable of testing for all subtypes.

Pattern Genomics pitches its software tools as a way to accelerate R&D and enable fast, cost-effective expansion of test menus. Intus Bio, formerly known as Shoreline Biome, is among the companies to identify the software as a good fit for its own capabilities.

As a long-standing collaborator of Pattern Genomics, Intus Bio has already used the software in combination with its Titan-1 platform. The microbiome platform combines patented assays and next-generation proprietary analysis tools to generate accurate, high-resolution strain-level data on a high-throughput basis.

Acquiring Pattern Genomics will enable Intus Bio to fully integrate the technology into its platform. Intus Bio sees the integration enhancing the platform with machine-learning tools for biomarker discovery and patient stratification. The new capabilities will support Intus Bio’s work in turning microbiome technologies into practical medical and pharmaceutical applications.

“Together, we have an unmatched ability to produce and analyze high-resolution bacterial data at scale, creating incredible opportunities across every aspect of healthcare,” Paul Denslow, Intus Bio’s CEO, said in a statement.

The acquisition follows a period in which Intus Bio has shifted its focus. Last year, Intus Bio launched Biombe, a microbiome test for children. The test was designed to show if the microbiomes of children were following the normal course of development up to the age of five years and offer advice about how to manage development. However, the company stopped offering the text six months ago.

When Shoreline Biome changed its name to Intus Bio in October, it attributed the rebranding to its “strategic transformation from supplying research tools to providing complete data-driven solutions for microbiome discovery and understanding.” Adding Pattern Genomics’ analysis tools would support that new focus.

The takeover was made possible by Connecticut Innovations, a biotech venture capital group that has a stake in both businesses. Daniel Fasulo, founder and president of Pattern Genomics, has joined Intus Bio as head of IT and bioinformatics.

Financial details of the deal between the two privately owned companies have not been disclosed.

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