Sentinel Diagnostics launches automated PCR system and assays to detect viral infections

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Milan, Italy-based Sentinel Diagnostics on Monday announced the launch of SentiNat 200, a fully automated sample to result system, and Stat-Nat SN200 Real-Time PCR assays for the quantitative detection of 10 viruses.

The system and kits are respectively CE-IVDR and CE-IVD marked, the company said.

SentiNat 200 is a fully automated sample-to-result system used for DNA and RNA extraction, PCR setup, and amplification, Sentinel said.

It includes two integrated thermal cyclers and the analysis software FastFinder and performs multiparametric analysis of up to 15 viruses in the same test run. The system can process from one up to 48 samples in four hours, the firm said.

The Stat-Nat SN200 kits leverage freeze-dried technology that allows long-term stability at room temperature for the quantitative detection of the 10 viruses, Sentinel added.

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