LumiraDx to discuss microfluidic technology at AACC

2021 06 15 23 09 5472 Virus Antibody Antigen Epitope 400

LumiraDx announced that it will host an industry workshop at AACC 2022 on Wednesday, describing the impact of its microfluidic technology on lateral-flow antigen tests and the role of these rapid immunoassays in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Studies have shown that point-of-care antigen tests with sufficient sensitivity and specificity can facilitate diagnosis, treatment, and mitigate reliance on slower, conventional laboratory-based testing and infrastructure," Brian DuChateau, vice president of Clinical and Scientific Affairs at LumiraDx, said in a statement. "However, the COVID-19 pandemic not only demonstrated the need for this type of testing, but also showed how quick result turn-around time can mitigate rates of infection."

DuChateau added that LumiraDx's actively controlled microfluidic testing technology brings lab-comparable performance to the point-of-need, "supporting several unique use cases during the pandemic and beyond."

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