Cardio Diagnostics debuts coronary heart disease test

2019 07 03 22 37 5166 Heart 400

Cardio Diagnostics has launched its patent-pending Epi+Gen CHD test, which is used to assess the risk for the onset of new coronary heart disease. The test predicts whether patients are at lower risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Primary care clinicians currently use two tools -- the Framingham Risk Score (FRS) and the Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease (ASCVD) Risk Calculator -- for predicting future heart disease but both have low sensitivity, according to Cardio Diagnostics.

Epi+Gen CHD predicts who is at lower risk of developing coronary heart disease as well as those at higher risk through the use of epigenetics and artificial intelligence. Also, Epi+Gen CHD uses telemedicine and at-home sampling so patients can test themselves at home.

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