Twist Bioscience, Element Biosciences to collaborate on exome workflow

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Synthetic biology and genomics company Twist Bioscience and life science firm Element Biosciences have announced a collaboration to develop a dedicated workflow for Element’s AVITI system.

The Twist for Element Exome Workflow was designed for Element’s AVITI chemistry to detect germline cancers and rare and inherited diseases. It alleviates the need for additional steps for linear library conversion, offering high uniformity and a low off-target rate. The workflow will include Twist’s library preparation and target enrichment bundled with the Exome 2.0 and comprehensive spike-in.

“With the Twist for Element Exome Workflow, we are able to provide our customers with easy access to Twist’s Exome 2.0 panel and high performing library preparation and target enrichment reagents, saving them potential downstream sequencing costs by reducing per sample sequencing requirements,” Molly He, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Element Biosciences, said in a news release.

Twist has collaborated with several other companies recently, including Bayer, Illumina, and Ono Pharmaceutical.

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