Nightingale Health, 23andMe partner on blood panel program

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Preventive health and risk-prediction company Nightingale Health and 23andMe have announced that they are joining up to offer a blood metabolomics panel to a group of 23andMe’s premium members through Nightingale’s Remote Health Check.

Under the collaboration, a cohort of 5,000 of 23andMe’s 23andMe+ Premium and Total Health members will be offered the opportunity to receive the blood panel service, which includes at-home sample collection, the companies said in a statement.

The metabolomics panel offered by the Helsinki-based Nightingale is designed to test numerous biomarkers with established links to diseases, including cholesterols, apolipoproteins, and fatty acids such as omega-3. The results from the panel can then be used to inform the presence and risk of diseases and the effects of lifestyle interventions such as diet and exercise, according to the firms. 

The companies further noted that the pilot program will evaluate customer feedback around the testing and sample collection, as well as the utility of the data obtained when coupled with 23andMe’s products already available to its customers, such as HealthTracks, an interactive tool that incorporates customer lifestyle choices in calculating disease risk.

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