Myriad Genetics, GSK team up for global ovarian cancer testing

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Genetic testing and precision medicine company Myriad Genetics is collaborating with GSK to improve access to homologous recombination deficiency (HRD) diagnostic testing for high-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC) patients in nine countries.

The new program will use Myriad's MyChoice HRD Plus and MyChoice CDx Plus Tests in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates to determine the HRD status of patients with ovarian cancer while GSK will sponsor the program, the companies said in a statement.

Clinicians will be able to order this test through their local pathology labs; samples are then sent to Myriad Genetics.

"Our collaboration with GSK is an important step forward in providing critical genetic insights that can help clinicians guide more personalized ovarian cancer treatment decisions," Patrick Burke, PhD, executive vice president of strategy and innovation at Myriad Genetics, said. "In the pursuit of advancing healthcare equity, Myriad is committed to extending the reach of our diagnostic solutions, like Myriad's MyChoice Tests into additional markets to support more targeted patient care based on their genomic profile."

HRD testing is an important predictive and prognostic biomarker for patients with ovarian cancer. Myriad's MyChoice tests determine HRD status by assessing genomic alterations in genes, including BRCA1 and BRCA2, and assigning a genomic instability score (GIS) status using Myriad's proprietary algorithm.

MyChoice testing enables healthcare professionals to identify patients with advanced ovarian cancer who are more likely to respond to targeted therapies. Myriad entered an agreement with Qiagen at the beginning of June to develop a kit-based HRD test to be distributed globally.

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