The H&E stain: A lesson on consistency and reproducibility

2020 08 13 17 02 9473 Leica Bio Systems

On-Demand Webinar -- One of the most critical steps in histology is fixation, especially when it comes to fatty tissue. In this webinar, Andrew Lisowski, technical application manager at Leica Biosystems, reviews the process of specimen handling before the processor.

In this presentation, we will look at the process and learn the standardization necessary to have consistent and reproducible H&E slides. The presenter is Carolyn Doan, HT (ASCP), founder of Creative Histology Consulting.

This presentation will:

  • Review the many factors that influence the quality of an H&E stain
  • Describe how an H&E works
  • Explain what makes a regressive H&E stain different from a progressive one
  • Review what experts suggest to maintain consistent and reproducible H&E stains

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