Grail touts clinical results at ESMO meeting

2021 12 01 16 11 2152 Lab Blood Dropper V2 400

Grail on Sunday presented results from a clinical study called Pathfinder, which used the firm’s multicancer early detection screening Galleri blood test, at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) meeting in Paris.

Galleri identified cancer signals in the blood of 92 participants; of these, 35 were diagnosed with 36 cancers using both the blood test and screening imaging exams such as MRI, colonoscopy, and mammography. However, of the Pathfinder study participants who were diagnosed with cancer, 71% had cancer types for which there are no routine screening tests, according to the firm.

Grail's test showed 97% accuracy, 43.1% positive predictive value, and 99.5% specificity, the company reported.

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