At-home blood collection kits deployed for sequencing tests

2021 12 01 16 11 2152 Lab Blood Dropper V2 400

Dante Genomics announced on Tuesday that it will begin using needleless, at-home blood collection kits for its clinical whole genome sequencing tests.

Such kits will enable users to collect their own blood samples without having to use a hospital's services or interact directly with a mobile phlebotomist, the firm said.

Dante added that it has deployed separate blood collection products in the U.S. and European markets.

A U.S. Food and Drug Administration-registered device enables the collection of whole liquid blood samples for genomic DNA isolation and sequencing. U.S.-based users can collect blood samples at home without interaction with a lab or a mobile phlebotomist.

Meanwhile, in the European market, a CE-marked device enables the delivery of whole dried blood samples to labs. With the device, subjects can collect volumetrically precise samples, Dante said.

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