OptraScan launches cytology slide scanning device

By LabPulse.com staff writers

May 25, 2021 -- OptraScan has released a new device called CytoSiA for scanning and analyzing liquid-based cytology slides and Pap smears.

CytoSiA consists of the company's digital pathology scanner, storage, and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for screening and detection of cervical cancer, precancerous lesions, and atypical cells. It can scan 15 x 15-mm cytology slides at 40x magnification in less than 60 sec, according to the firm.

CytoSia incorporates the company's composite imaging technology, which finds all pixels in focus from various Z plane images and stitches back to create a single-layer composite image. OptraScan believes composite imaging is more efficient compared to traditional z-stacking.

OptraScan launches new scanner
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