Variantyx debuts whole genome sequencing prenatal test

2021 01 27 00 33 2291 Genome Sequence Barcode 400

Hereditary disease testing provider Variantyx has entered the women's health market with the launch of its Genomic Unity Prenatal Analysis test at this week's Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine's 41st Annual Pregnancy Meeting.

Designed for use when anomalies have been identified on ultrasound in high-risk pregnancies, Genomic Unity Prenatal Analysis utilizes amniotic fluid paired with blood from both parents to provide a comprehensive genomic analysis of the fetus, Variantyx said. Their whole genome sequencing technology identifies challenging variant types such as copy number variants, short tandem repeats, Alu insertions, inversions, single exon deletions, and mosaic aneuploidy, according to the company.

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