Guardant Health, Cancer Research UK partner on data and research

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London-based Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and its innovation unit, Cancer Research Horizons, are collaborating with Guardant Health on sharing technology, data, and research insights for advancing cancer detection and treatment.

The collaboration will focus primarily on clinical trials run by CRUK’s Centre for Drug Development, including the DETERMINE trial, the first national precision medicine trial in the U.K. for rare cancers. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Other collaborative possibilities may include sharing data and samples from the CRUK-funded research network to further develop and validate Guardant’s liquid biopsy and tissue sequencing technologies, as well as other projects to accelerate the discovery and development of cancer diagnostics and therapies.

“Partnering with Cancer Research UK grants us with a unique opportunity to further validate Guardant’s unique technologies, including our proprietary Infinity platform, while providing the support needed for those with rare cancers and others who could greatly benefit from precision oncology,” Helmy Eltoukhy, co-CEO of Guardant Health, said in a statement. “We’re looking forward to learning more throughout this partnership to provide an even higher-level of quality in our tools.”

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