Siemens Healthineers to implement layoffs at NJ facility

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As part of a plan to reduce costs by 300 million euros ($327 million) annually, Siemens Healthineers announced in a statement that it will consolidate the manufacturing of its Atellica Solution platform at its Dublin facility and lay off the workforce involved in the production of the platform at its Flanders, NJ, manufacturing facility.

The instrument-manufacturing facility employs approximately 750 people. Siemens has notified the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development of upcoming layoffs of 180 positions impacting 300 employees; the layoffs will be implemented across a span of multiple dates through 2024. In September, 67 people were laid off at the Flanders facility as part of the Erlangen, Germany-based medtech company’s cost reduction and restructuring measures.

The layoffs occur in the wake of Siemen’s decision to transfer the manufacturing of its Atellica Solution immunoassay modules from the New Jersey facility to its facility in Ireland. The firm now plans to transfer all production of the Atellica Solution platform to Dublin by September 2024, the company said.

According to the firm, the jobs that will be cut will only be those involved in the production of the Atellica Solution platform and are primarily in manufacturing; the remainder of the approximately 750 people who currently work at the Flanders site will not be affected by the layoffs.

The company said in its statement that laid-off employees will be eligible for severance and outplacement benefits; they will also be able to apply for other positions within Siemens Healthineers and the larger Siemens group.

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