Cellecta releases NGS assays for T-cell and B-cell receptor chains

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Genomics company Cellecta announced on Wednesday that it has launched its DriverMap Adaptive Immune Receptor DNA (AIR-DNA) TCR and BCR kits that provide rapid, single-tube polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis of the variability of T-cell and B-cell receptor chains from a range of sample types, including tissue biopsy, whole blood, purified immune cells, and others.

The multiplex PCR assays use next-generation sequencing (NGS) to provide information on the variations within all four T-cell receptor (TCR) and all three B-cell receptor (BCR) chains in DNA samples.

Cellecta said in a statement that the new AIR-DNA assays complement their current AIR-RNA assays. Combined data from both the AIR-DNA and AIR-RNA assays gives a more comprehensive picture of the diversity and abundance of receptors and clonotypes activated in response to particular antigens -- information that is critical for understanding immune system responses to tumorigenesis, pathogens, and treatments or vaccines, for example.

As well as offering DriverMap AIR-DNA and AIR-RNA kits, Mountain View, CA-based Cellecta provides DriverMap AIR-DNA or AIR-RNA profiling as a service in which the firm provides quantitative clonotype data and an analysis report from immune-cell samples sent by researchers.

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