Monod Bio secures $25M in seed financing

2022 03 21 22 38 5015 Money Bag Grant Award 400

Monod Bio has secured $25 million in financing to develop its biosensor technology platform, LucCage.

Matrix Capital led the financing round; Global Health Investment, Cercano Management, the Washington Research Foundation, Boom Capital Ventures, Sahsen Ventures, and Pack Ventures also participated.

LucCage includes a class of modular biosensors that release a bioluminescent signal when the sensor recognizes its target, Monod Bio said.

The sensors consist of proteins engineered with software from the Institute of Protein Design at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle.

Monod added that to date it has built biosensors that recognize the spike protein on the COVID-19 virus, cancer receptors, and the cardiac troponin molecule which is released by the body after a heart attack. It has also applied its technology to the detection of COVID-19 neutralizing antibodies in vaccinated patients, the firm said.

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