MilliporeSigma granted foundational CRISPR-Cas9 U.S. patents

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MilliporeSigma announced on May 11 that two of its CRISPR-Cas9-assisted genome-editing patents have been allowed in the U.S. The allowances cover cleavage and integration technology, which enables the research of knock-in/out mutations for the creation of disease models and development of gene therapies.

The latest allowances mark MilliporeSigma's 25th and 26th CRISPR patents worldwide and the fourth in the U.S. The company is in discussions to license the foundational technology for therapeutic uses and is seeking collaboration partners for research and development.

Gene knockout technology, gene integration, and CRISPR libraries for genetic screens are part of the company's core competencies in CRISPR technology. The new patents build on the company's first U.S. patent for proxy-CRISPR technology, which was granted in February 2019.

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