Conventional versus Convenience: Clinician Collected or At-Home Collected Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections

Updated Oct 6, 2023

    COVID-19 ushered in many advancements to the entire healthcare system, from testing, treatment options, to vaccines, especially the mRNA vaccine technology. These drastic shifts happened as the greatest health crisis in nearly a century impacted life around the globe and thrusted health into the forefront of public discourse. One paradigm shift was the awareness of testing among the average population. With COVID-19 testing being required for travel, returning to school, work, and even social gatherings, understanding basic differences between the types of tests, where to get them, and what their results meant have become ubiquitous for the common person. With the peak of the pandemic now behind us 1, it is time to take some of the learnings about infectious diseases from the pandemic and apply them into other areas; one being Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

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