Prometheus, Takeda launch prognostic tool for Crohn’s

2021 01 12 23 44 3780 Blood Test Samples Lab 400

Prometheus Laboratories on Wednesday announced a partnership with Takeda Pharmaceutical to launch CDPath, a prognostic tool to monitor patients with Crohn’s disease (CD).

According to Prometheus, CDPath is a personalized risk assessment tool that can be used in combination with a physician's clinical assessment to evaluate an adult patient's risk for developing serious complications of CD such as bowel strictures, internal penetrating disease, or non-perianal surgery within three years.

The prognostic tool integrates patient-specific serologic markers and genetic marker status from a blood sample with a patient's CD characteristics. The results help predict a low, medium, or high risk for the potential to develop serious CD complications over a three-year period, Prometheus said.

The test was developed through a collaboration between Prometheus, Takeda, and MiTest Health. MiTest defined and established the clinical relevance of the CDPath model through an independent clinical study, Prometheus said.

Prometheus, a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory, validated CDPath and is the processing laboratory for the prognostic tool.

Takeda will make CDPath available for use by U.S.-based physicians and offer the test free of charge to eligible patients.