AstraZeneca, Capitainer to develop biomarker protocols using at-home patient sampling device

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The Swedish medtech company Capitainer this week announced a research collaboration with AstraZeneca R&D in Gothenburg, Sweden, that aims to develop protocols for biomarkers relevant to AstraZeneca’s clinical drug programs using Capitainer’s self-sampling product.

The Swedish medtech company’s self-sampling device automatically separates cells from whole blood using a finger stick. A sampling card, Capitainer CF (CellFree), automatically meters a specific volume of cell-free blood and transfers it to a paper disc where it dries. Transportation to a laboratory can be performed at ambient temperature.

Implementing remote quantitative microsampling methods can transform the way clinical research is conducted in the pharmaceutical industry and has many benefits, Tasso Miliotis, associate principal scientist at AstraZeneca, said in a statement.

“Conventional clinical trials require patients to visit the clinical site,” he said. “Remote microsampling in patients’ homes will reduce the patient burden and permit the inclusion of underserved populations to improve patient diversity. Home sampling will also enable more frequent data collection that will improve drug development decisions."

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