Freenome completes enrollment for large clinical trial

2019 11 04 19 56 0311 Colorectal Cancer 400

Freenome has enrolled more than 35,000 participants in PREEMPT CRC, a prospective study to validate its colorectal cancer (CRC) blood test for screening average-risk adults.

Enrollment has now been completed in the PREEMPT CRC study, which was launched in May 2020 and includes more than 200 sites across urban and rural communities. Participants include community hospitals, health systems, private clinics, tertiary centers, and teaching hospitals, according to the vendor.

Freenome's screening test is based on the company's multiomics platform, which combines machine learning with both tumor and nontumor signals to detect early-stage cancer using a standard blood draw.

Earlier studies showed the test yielded 94% sensitivity and 94% specificity for detecting stage I/II colorectal cancer. Furthermore, other data showed the significance of detecting adenomas, according to Freenome.

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