Babson Diagnostics launches new retail blood testing service in Texas

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Healthcare technology firm Babson Diagnostics announced the launch of its new BetterWay blood testing service in retail pharmacies across the Austin, TX, area.

In a statement, the Austin-based Babson described the BetterWay testing system as a first-of-its-kind lab test using a pea-sized amount of blood drawn from a fingertip using a unique collection device, adding that the technology ecosystem and microsample lab used eliminate the need for a phlebotomist, needles, and vials of blood typically required for diagnostic lab testing. The samples are transported by couriers to Babson's Austin-based CLIA-certified lab, with test results available within one or two days, the company said.

Babson noted that BetterWay was designed to make blood testing more accessible, allowing consumers to be tested at retail locations with convenient hours from an extensive menu of tests, including those needed for annual wellness exams, chronic condition management, and screenings. While insurance is accepted for testing ordered by a clinician, consumers may also order tests for themselves online, with pricing lower than other self-pay options, the company added.

The firm added that the collection device, developed in collaboration with Becton Dickson was designed to be less invasive, improving access to testing for people with a phobia of needles, those who have difficult veins to draw blood from, and those who have vasovagal syncope.

In addition, Babson noted that it has conducted 44 clinical studies to ensure that the results achieved through BetterWay testing are equivalent to those of traditional blood testing methods.

Babson said that it has plans to expand the program by collaborating with additional medical practices and retail pharmacies in Austin as well as San Antonio by the end of the year.

Please visit for a list of current retail locations.

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