Seegene unveils 'back-to-normal' strategies against pandemic

By staff writers

January 14, 2022 -- Seegene recently unveiled three new strategies in an attempt to plan for "back-to-normal" global conditions against the COVID-19 pandemic. The company presented the plans at this week's 40th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare virtual conference.

Seegene's three-pronged strategy includes the following:

  • Mass testing with the company's MDx system at various facilities including schools, airports, workplaces, and others
  • Centralized screening with the company's new diagnostic test, which Seegene says can multiply the test capacity without additional instrument investments in laboratories
  • Testing for patients with respiratory symptoms

Seegene offers the Allplex RV Master Assay, which the company says can differentiate 10 targets at the same time, including COVID-19, flu, and common respiratory viruses.

The MDx platform uses artificial intelligence and allows platform users, regardless of knowledge and experience in MDx, to develop real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays.

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