Sera validates blood test in pregnant women at risk of bad outcomes

By staff writers

May 22, 2020 -- Sera Prognostics has reported data validating its blood biomarker test that can help identify mothers and infants at risk for severe adverse pregnancy outcomes.

The PreTRM test can predict the risk of preterm birth in asymptomatic, singleton pregnancies to help identify infants more likely to be born before 32 weeks of gestation as well as those more likely to experience an increased length of neonatal hospital stay and severe adverse neonatal outcomes, the company noted.

The serum-based proteomic test predicts preterm birth risk by calculating the ratio of insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 4 to sex hormone-binding globulin. Data validating the efficacy of the ratio was published in a large, clinical cohort study on May 17 in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Maternal Fetal Medicine and selected for presentation at the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine's annual meeting in February 2020.

The journal study included 5,011 women, of whom nine experienced preterm birth before week 32 of gestation. The PreTRM ratio was significantly higher in both preterm births before week 32 and in infants who experienced severe neonatal outcomes, the study found.

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