Xifin introduces latest version of medical billing software

By LabPulse.com staff writers

November 16, 2021 -- Health information technology company Xifin has launched a new version of Xifin RPM 14, its revenue cycle management software. The medical billing platform enables diagnostic providers to address the industry's biggest reimbursement and regulatory issues, the company said.

With the newest version, the company aims to address three market challenges: improve information-sharing among patients, providers and labs; support the demand for price transparency; and ensure adequate billing expertise and resources where they're most needed, according to a release by Xifin.

The new version includes the following updated features:

  • Communication tools that enable diagnostic providers to directly engage with patients and referring physicians via text and email
  • Workflow automation through web services that support two-way real-time data exchange enabling digital "conversations" between client and patient portals
  • Enterprise business intelligence advanced analytics, including more dashboards to support executive, financial, and operational analysis
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