Man in his 60s with a periureteral mass   

History and images

Our appreciation is extended to Dr. Nada Shaker of the Department of Pathology, Wexner Medical Center, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, for contributing this case.

History: A man in his sixties presented with a periureteral mass. The histology revealed a vascular lesion. The tumor was positive for CD31 and CD34; in addition, KI 67 showed 15% tumor proliferation index. HHV8 staining was negative. The mass was completely surgically excised. The images shown are as follows (in order): H&E staining; CD 34 staining (positive); CD 31 staining (positive); KI 67 staining (15% tumor proliferation index); HHV8 staining (negative). Click images to enlarge.

h&eCD 34 staining (positive)CD 31 staining (positive)KI 67 staining (15% tumor proliferation index)HHV8 staining (negative)