Meridian Bioscience launches master mixes for stool analysis

By staff writers

June 20, 2022 -- Meridian Bioscience has introduced two master mixes to improve the molecular detection of DNA and RNA from crude fecal specimens while allowing room temperature stabilization of diagnostic assays.

The company said the master mixes, called the Lyo-Ready Direct DNA qPCR Stool Mix and Lyo-Ready Direct RNA/DNA qPCR Stool Mix, remove the need for nucleic acid extraction and component optimization. As a result, IVD firms can develop faster and more sensitive assays for stool sample analysis. The mixes can be used in liquid or lyophilized format when ambient temperature assay stabilization is needed, Meridian Bioscience added.

Meridian Bioscience releases new master mixes
Meridian Bioscience has released two new master mixes for the detection of DNA and RNA in point-of-care diagnostic tests.
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Meridian launches new master mixes
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