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U.K. vitamin D study feeds into global debates on appropriate use
December 5, 2019 -- Prescriptions for vitamin D to U.K. children have risen dramatically over the years, and medical records suggest inappropriate use, according to a study published online December 3 in BMJ Open. The results feed into international debates about overuse and the high costs of supplementation and testing.  Discuss
High cost rules out NIPT as 1st test for Down syndrome
December 4, 2019 -- Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) is better than conventional testing for Down syndrome, but its high cost must come down to make it more viable as a first-tier screening test, according to a Canadian study published on December 4 in PLOS One.  Discuss
Prostate cancer urine test adapted for home sampling
December 3, 2019 -- The investigational prostate urine risk classifier is feasible for use with the collection of samples at home, according to a recent study by U.K. researchers.  Discuss
Low white blood cell count warns of bad outcomes
December 3, 2019 -- Lymphopenia, or low white blood cell count, is an independent risk factor for shorter survival, according to a large new study published in JAMA Network Open on December 2. This information is readily available through routine complete blood count testing, so those at risk can be easily identified, study investigators noted.  Discuss
Smartphones double as point-of-care diagnostics
December 2, 2019 -- Smartphones are evolving into new point-of-care diagnostic tools, changing the way many common health conditions are diagnosed. Such devices can now compete with technology once thought to be restricted to physicians' offices and hospitals.  Discuss
New blood test method rules out pulmonary embolism
November 27, 2019 -- A new way to interpret blood test results in patients examined for blood clots in the lungs has shown that a higher than usual D-dimer level can rule out pulmonary embolism, according to research published November 27 in the New England Journal of Medicine.  Discuss
State of the IVD market: New cancer and infectious disease tests emerge
November 27, 2019 -- The North American IVD market is worth an estimated $31 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $37 billion by 2024, reports Bruce Carlson, publisher of Kalorama Information. Although the growth rate is expected to slow down in the forecast period, there are growth areas that are making investors bullish.  Discuss
Doc spins tale of pathologist by day, assassin by night
November 26, 2019 -- In her new novel the Queen of All Poisons, pathologist Dr. Barbarajean Magnani, PhD, spins a tale of a heroine who is a gifted physician by day but a secret assassin for the U.S. government on the side.  Discuss
Neuropathologists' genetic discovery fills in Alzheimer's gaps
November 26, 2019 -- A new study sheds light on the significance of the MUC6 gene in late-onset Alzheimer's disease, helping to fill gaps left by prior genetic studies, researchers recently reported in the Journal of Neuropathology & Experimental Neurology.  Discuss
Breast cancer risk scores need to be adapted for men
November 25, 2019 -- Risk scores from the Oncotype DX breast cancer predictive assay need to be adapted for male patients, who have different underlying disease biology than women, according to a new study published in Clinical Cancer Research, the journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.  Discuss
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