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Blood test focuses on PlGF to diagnose pre-eclampsia
April 2, 2019 -- A test that measures levels of placental growth factor (PlGF) in a woman's blood can be used to diagnose cases of pre-eclampsia, a potentially fatal complication of pregnancy, according to a study by U.K. researchers published April 1 in the Lancet.  Discuss
Topol envisions AI to have wide-scale effect on genomics
March 22, 2019 -- SAN JOSE, CA - Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking genomics to new heights -- pulling together and processing colossal amounts of genetic data at faster speeds, with better accuracy, and at lower overall costs, Dr. Eric Topol said in a March 19 talk at the GPU Technology Conference.  Discuss
Liquid biopsy tracks response to lung cancer treatment
February 13, 2019 -- Two recently published studies indicate that blood-based liquid biopsy can be used to track lung cancer treatment response by measuring levels of circulating tumor DNA in patients who are receiving treatments such as immunotherapy. Both studies found that liquid biopsy worked better than imaging-based methods.  Discuss
Which IVD companies will dominate in Latin America?
January 31, 2019 -- In vitro diagnostics (IVD) products are almost everywhere in the world, but growth is not found everywhere. For most of the top IVD companies, adding scores of millions in growth would be helpful to business plans -- and Latin America is in their sights. Bruce Carlson of market research firm Kalorama Information offers a perspective.  Discuss
IVD in 2019: 8 out-of-the-box predictions
January 14, 2019 -- What's in store for the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) market in 2019? Bruce Carlson of Kalorama Information takes a look at eight little-discussed trends that he expects to unfold this year.  Discuss
CMS hikes user fees for CLIA labs by 20%
January 3, 2019 -- User fees for CLIA labs will increase by 20% in 2019 -- the first increase in 20 years -- under new rules issued on December 28 by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  Discuss
Tech Overview: Color measurement technology
December 21, 2018 -- In this article, we’ll uncover a few ways to analyze the visual and molecular characteristics of a sample. Color measurement technology comprises a multitude of closely related instruments and photometric techniques that analyze the properties of a sample in terms of color, brightness, and other visual characteristics.  Discuss
Biosimilars: How the FDA is boosting demand in analytical instrumentation
December 19, 2018 -- Establishing a regulatory pathway for pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. to manufacture biosimilar drugs presents a much anticipated new market opportunity for life science analytical instrument users.  Discuss
Tech Overview: Molecular spectroscopy
December 12, 2018 -- This article kicks off our next technology series. Our focus will cover molecular spectroscopy. If your research uses molecular spec devices, or if you are interested in learning more, be sure to follow along with this series as we uncover different technologies.  Discuss
In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) CE Marking Workshop
November 21
London, London, City of United Kingdom
Oncologic Pathology: A Review and Update of Diagnostic Problems
November 21-23
Miami, Florida United States
American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting & Exposition
December 7-10
Orlando, Florida United States
Semiannual IVD Clinical and Regulatory Affairs Conference
December 12-13
San Diego, California United States
Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC) 2020
January 21-24, 2020
Santa Clara, California United States
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