Pandemic Response Lab releases three-target LDTs to detect monkeypox

Monkeypox Virus

Pandemic Response Lab, a subsidiary of Opentrons Labworks, on Thursday announced the launch of two three-target skin lesion tests to detect monkeypox.

The tests detect three different viral genome targets: non-variola orthopoxvirus, monkeypox virus species, and monkeypox virus clade II.

The laboratory-developed tests use multiplex RT-PCR to detect viral DNA sequences unique to the genus, species, and clade, Pandemic Response Lab said.

“Our multitarget monkeypox tests include confirmatory results rather than presumptive positive results and do not need additional confirmatory testing,” Nick Mitilenes, the firm's general manager of laboratory services, said in a statement. 

The tests were developed and are performed at the company's CLIA-certified laboratories in New York and Maryland. 

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