Qiagen launches ecofriendly QIAwave extraction kits

2021 10 08 23 57 9144 Earth Hands Globe World 400

Qiagen announced the launch of a new line of products called QIAwave that are designed to be more environmentally friendly by reducing plastic and cardboard packaging. The first QIAwave products are three nucleic acid extraction kits.

The new extraction kits feature fewer components, waste tubes made from 100% recycled plastic, and suitable buffer concentrates in smaller bottles. These three kits are the first wave of QIAwave products, which are designed to reduce the use of plastics by up to 63% and cardboard by up to 42% in comparison to Qiagen standard kits.

In 2021, the company reduced plastic transportation packaging material by 9.6% and aims to cut it by another 9% in 2022.

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