Metabolon to participate in study to identify metabolomic biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease

Parkinsons Neuron Social

Metabolomics firm Metabolon on Tuesday announced a collaboration with the organizations running the U.K.-based longitudinal study, Tracking Parkinson’s, also known as the PRoBaND study, to identify metabolomic biomarkers and biological changes that may determine Parkinson’s disease pathogenesis.

The collaboration will allow Metabolon and the Tracking Parkinson’s study organizations to map metabolic changes in serum to clinical changes and genetic variants related to Parkinson’s, Metabolon said.

Metabolon added that it will use self-reported data, such as sleep patterns and smell loss, to link metabolic changes to patient symptoms and quality of life.

“Metabolomics is … an essential element of the multiomics approach to help transform healthcare and improve patient care by understanding disease progression,” Karl Bradshaw, vice president of corporate development at Metabolon, said in a statement. “Exploring small molecules drives our understanding of the biochemistry that leads to the definitive representation of the phenotype when tracking neurological diseases like Parkinson’s.” 

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