U.S. military labs receive COVID-19 testing kits

2020 02 15 00 20 7605 Virus Coronavirus Microscope Cdc 400

U.S. military laboratories have begun receiving their own COVID-19 test kits for assessing American troops, according to a March 5 Reuters report. Capacity remains limited, however.

As of Monday, 34 U.S. Department of Defense personnel, dependents, and beneficiaries had been evaluated worldwide for the coronavirus, Reuters reported. All testing of these cases was performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Now 12 U.S. military laboratories have CDC test kits; two more are awaiting delivery. Of the 12 labs with kits, only two are overseas: one in Germany and one in South Korea, according to Reuters. Each kit can test about 400 patients.

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