Tempus launching liquid biopsy panel

2020 01 16 22 39 3973 Dna Sequencing Genome 400

Tempus is set to launch a new liquid biopsy panel, xF+, that consists of 523 genes and focuses on pathogenic mutations in cell-free DNA.

The company said it will initially make the test available on a limited scale along with its xF 105-gene liquid biopsy assay and conduct a broader launch later in 2022.

xF+ covers genes with single nucleotide variants, indels reported in all genes, translocations and gene rearrangements, and copy number variants, according to Tempus.

It also measures blood-based tumor mutational burden (bTMB) and microsatellite instability (MSI), both of which are biomarkers that can predict patient response to cancer immunotherapy.

In addition to xF+ and xF, Tempus offers xT, which can analyze 648 genes in solid tumor and hematologic cancer; xG, a 52 gene panel for identifying hereditary cancer syndomes; xG+, an 88 gene multicancer panel; and xE, which analyzes the exome.

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