Veracyte announces data for prostate genomic classifier

2021 11 01 22 15 2428 Prostate Cancer

Veracyte said on Thursday that data published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI) demonstrated that its Decipher Prostate Genomic Classifier may help identify African American men with early, localized prostate cancer who are most likely to harbor more aggressive disease.

p>The data came from Veracyte's prospective, multisite VANDAAM Phase 2 clinical study, which enrolled men with low- or intermediate-risk prostate cancer as defined by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) into a cohort of 226 men (113 African American and 113 non-African American), the company said. Investigators used Veracyte's Decipher Prostate Genomic Classifier to perform genomic analyses and generate risk scores.

A higher proportion of African American men with low- or immediate-risk prostate cancer had higher Decipher risk scores. Additionally, younger African American men had higher Decipher scores, whereas older non-African American men had higher risk of metastasis scores.

"This study demonstrates that prostate cancer risk classification using clinical factors alone may be suboptimal and may underestimate African American men's risk of harboring aggressive disease," Elai Davicioni, medical director of urology at Veracyte, said in a statement.

The data suggest that the genomic test may offer a robust improvement over clinical factors alone in risk-stratifying prostate cancer among African American men, which may help reduce disparities in prostate cancer outcomes, Veracyte said.

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