Biological Dynamics embarks on clinical utility studies for pancreatic cancer detection assay

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Biological Dynamics, a developer of exosome-isolation technology for early disease detection, on Tuesday announced that it will collaborate with Qure Healthcare and Curta on independent studies to evaluate the clinical utility and efficacy of its pancreatic cancer detection assay.

Biological Dynamics said the studies will examine how providers can use its early pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) detection assay and how its performance and costs impact downstream patient care and curative interventions -- important information for payors reviewing reimbursement coverage decisions.

The firm added that the Curta study will look at potential health and economic outcomes from a U.S. payor perspective, while the Qure study will investigate whether using the PDAC assay can alter physician behavior. 

Curta develops models that characterize how new health technologies can influence care and outcomes, while Qure Healthcare measures clinical practice patterns among physicians to understand how new technologies will affect patient care.

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