Scopio digital platform enables bone marrow aspirate imaging

2021 06 09 22 54 4801 Computer Doctor Scientist 400

Scopio Labs on Thursday announced the launch of its Full-Field Bone Marrow Aspirate (FF-BMA) Application, a digital platform that performs bone marrow aspirate scanning and analysis.

Bone marrow aspirates are normally conducted manually, using microscopic analysis of cells to diagnose cancers such as leukemia and multiple myeloma.

The FF-BMA Application provides hematologists and hematopathologists with a digital copy of the slide at 100X magnification, while artificial intelligence (AI) supports the analysis of thousands of cells in the sample. The platform also has embedded remote analysis capabilities, meaning it can be used in labs or at remote sites.

"Scopio's FF-BMA platform provides a digital end-to-end solution that augments physicians' capabilities," Dr. Amy Meitus, chief product officer at Scopio Labs, said in a statement. "Our AI-powered decision support system provides the clinician with an in-depth explanation for every suggestion offered, engendering a level of trust and transparency crucial for confident decision making."

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