Mission Bio, Abiosciences announce collaboration on hematologic cancer research applications

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Multiomics company Mission Bio and bioinformatics company Abiosciences on Wednesday announced a collaboration to develop bioinformatics packages for hematologic cancer research applications in China.

The companies aim to combine Mission Bio’s multiomics and single-cell DNA capabilities with Abiosciences’ artificial intelligence (AI) technology to find disease signatures and identify and address mechanisms of therapeutic resistance.

New capabilities stemming from the collaboration could be use in patient stratification for clinical trials and to develop a companion diagnostic tool, Mission Bio said.

As part of the collaboration, Abiosciences will develop a bioinformatic analytical algorithm to obtain insights into disease progression and the development of resistance after single-cell multiomics analysis. Mission Bio will support Abiosciences with its Tapestri single-cell multiomics platform, custom panels, subject matter experts, and research and development expertise.

"Elucidating tumor heterogeneity and clonal evolution are important to understand therapeutic resistance, and will be a crucial collaboration for the hematological oncology community," Yan Zhang, CEO of Mission Bio, said in a statement. "It also represents our continued efforts to support biotechnology companies in China that share our aim of transforming healthcare through collaboration and scientific advancement. We look forward to integrating our strength in single-cell multiomics with Abiosciences’ complementary strengths in AI to advance analytical bioinformatics, and discover new biomarkers with potential clinical utility."

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