Paige partners with Mindpeak for AI breast cancer software

2021 05 21 20 55 6118 Breast Cancer 3 D 400

Paige and Mindpeak have announced a distribution partnership that will enable pathologists to use Mindpeak's BreastIHC artificial intelligence (AI) software within the Paige Platform, with the goal of providing real-time results for breast cancer immunohistochemistry (IHC) biomarkers.

Mindpeak's BreastIHC can detect, classify, and quantify breast cancer cells; the platform doesn't require complex setup or calibration procedures, the companies said. BreastIHC can quantify HER2, Ki-67, and the estrogen and progesterone receptors and helps differentiate between tumor and nontumor structures on a single-cell basis, the companies reported.

The combination of the products will assist pathologists in driving efficient routine clinical care in breast cancer diagnostics, Paige CEO Andy Moye said in a release.

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