PreludeDx touts study on DCIS results

2019 09 18 21 21 9195 Breast Cancer Cell2 400

Molecular diagnostics developer PreludeDx presented a study at the Miami Breast Cancer Conference (MBCC) 2021 annual meeting that showed ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) patients with higher scores on the firm's DCISionRT diagnostic test had an increased risk of breast cancer mortality.

DCISionRT is a risk-assessment biomarker assay that predicts radiation therapy benefit and decision score. The new study included 414 women -- 96 who died of breast cancer and 318 controls. DCIS was treated with breast-conserving surgery alone, breast-conserving surgery plus radiotherapy, or mastectomy in 34%, 29%, and 37% of the cases, respectively.

Results were available for 157 of the 414 women. Researchers found that patients with increasing continuous DCISionRT decision scores had increased breast cancer mortality (p = 0.004), and patients with high categorical decision scores (> 6) were at greater risk of breast cancer mortality (p = 0.007).

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