Biotium launches line of exosome detection antibodies

2022 06 08 19 24 5889 Antibodies 400

Biotium has released a new line of antibodies for detecting exosomes called ExoBrite Antibody Conjugates.

The antibodies were designed to identify exosome markers CD9, CD63, and CD81 in isolated exosomes or exosome extracts, and are available in both cytometry and western blotting formulations, according to the firm.

Exosomes are increasingly being studied for their role in cell communication and as potential targets for drug delivery applications, the company said. ExoBrite Flow Antibodies are available in four conjugates:

  • ExoBrite 410/450
  • ExoBrite 490/515
  • ExoBrite 560/585
  • ExoBrite R-PE

They are also available in two near-infrared dyes, ExoBrite 680/700 and ExoBrite 770/800, Biotium said.

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