BD partners with Mayo Clinic on post-market data analysis

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Becton Dickinson on Monday announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic Platform to access deidentified patient data from Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover that would enable BD to perform post-market product surveillance.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover comprises datasets from 10 million patients including structured and unstructured data, images, 1.2 billion lab test results, 3 million echocardiograms, and more than 640 million clinical notes.

Using data mining, next-generation artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning tools, BD intends to analyze the data to generate deeper insights into the patient experience, the firm said.

BD added that it anticipates using the data for predictive modeling and to generate more accurate forecasts about the use of its devices. The company said it also intends to leverage the data to support new claims for its products and streamline medical device regulatory submissions.

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