Jumpcode Genomics enters PacBio’s Compatible Partner program

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The genome technology platform company Jumpcode Genomics has joined the PacBio Compatible Partner program, which includes products verified with 10x Genomics workflows. Jumpcode’s Single Cell RNA Boost Kit is compatible with PacBio’s Multiplexed Arrays Sequencing (MAS-Seq) for 10x Single Cell 3’ kit, which allows researchers to remove uninformative fragments from single-cell RNA sequencing libraries prior to sequencing.

Traditionally, single-cell RNA sequencing has been hindered by vast amounts of uninformative sequences. However, Jumpcode’s Single Cell RNA Boost Kit increases gene and unique molecular identifier (UMI) sensitivity for single-cell and spatial libraries by approximately 50%. The level of sensitivity is attained in part by the reduction of abundant and uninformative fragments such as ribosomal and mitochondrial transcripts prior to sequencing, Jumpcode said in a statement, noting that the kit also significantly boosts isoform detection.

In October, PacBio announced the launch of its MAS-Seq kit in a partnership with Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and 10x Genomics. The kit allows for long-read, single-cell RNA sequencing so that single-cell researchers can better detect and characterize novel isoforms, novel driver mutations, and cancer fusion genes.

"Together, the Jumpcode Single Cell RNA Boost Kit and the PacBio MAS-Seq kit will help expand researchers’ understanding of biology and disease and fuel new discoveries in healthcare," said Yaron Hakak, PhD, CEO of Jumpcode Genomics.

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