Bio-Rad launches Duet PCR system for researchers

2021 09 27 17 08 8174 Diagnostic Analyzer Lab Pcr 400

Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched its CFX Duet real-time PCR system to support researchers in developing singleplex and duplex quantitative PCR assays.

The system offers the optical shuttle system of Bio-Rad's CFX Opus System, with thermal gradient functionality. The company said Duet is a two-color system that is factory-calibrated for common dyes that allows for the quantification of up to two targets in genotyping and multiple gene expression analyses without the need for passive reference dyes.

An additional fluorescence resonance energy transfer mode (FRET) supports protein melt analysis for basic protein characterization. The company said the Duet also uses the CFX Maestro software for experimental setup and analysis, as well as delivering customized reports without exporting data to other programs.

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