Nanomix signs distribution agreement with Mast Group for immunoassay and chemistry diagnostic system

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Mobile point-of-care diagnostics developer Nanomix on Friday announced it has entered into a multi-region distribution agreement with diagnostic products manufacturer Mast Group for the marketing and distribution of Nanomix's eLab system.

Per the agreement, Mast will distribute the system in the U.K., Germany, France, Ireland, and South Africa, Nanomix said.

“The Nanomix solution is a unique, breakthrough technology that offers mobile, timely diagnostic capability from a whole-blood sample,” Thomas Schlumpberger, CEO of Nanomix, said in a statement.

“The eLab system will help expedite sepsis and pneumonia diagnosis, leading to more informed treatment decisions, thus improving patient outcomes and hospital clinical collaboration,” Schlumpberger added.

The Naonmix eLab system is a mobile, handheld immunoassay and chemistry diagnostic system designed for point-of-care testing, Nanomix said. The system provides low cost, portability, and test results comparable to those provided by central lab testing, the company added.

The system uses the S1 Panel Cartridge, which provides quantitative test results for procalcitonin (PCT), C-reactive protein (CRP), and lactate (LAC) from a single venous whole-blood or plasma sample type within 12 minutes from sample upload, the firm also said. 

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