Bio-Techne launches Luminex assay data analysis software

2021 01 12 23 44 3780 Blood Test Samples Lab 400

Bio-Techne said on Thursday that it has released data analysis software for Luminex xMAP instruments.

Its Quantist software provides researchers with a tool for analyzing dozens of analytes with improved accuracy and efficiency, including the ability to evaluate the long-term consistency of their Luminex assay data, Bio-Techne said.

The intuitive software interface allows users to make interassay comparisons, adjust standard curve parameters, and export optimized data for creating ready-to-graph Excel files, Bio-Techne added.

Luminex xMAP technology is a bead-based assay platform that allows for the simultaneous detection of multiple targets in a single sample.

Austin, Texas-based Luminex was acquired by Saluggia, Italy-based DiaSorin for $1.8 billion in 2021.

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